Why GBG-Consulting?

Because we provide our clients permanent contact persons in order to put a little personal touch into a complex matter. Most challenges can be dealt with much better mutually if both sides are acquainted with each other.

Because we are your professional partner – with experienced actuaries, economists and lawyers which update their knowledge on an ongoing basis and which take enough time to address your individual requirements and needs.

Because we offer consulting services as well as valuations from a single source. Your consultant does not only know your valuation. He is also the one who conducted it together with his colleagues. So we can ensure to exactly meet your needs.

Because as a certified pension consultant according to German legal requirements (§ 10 Abs. 1 S. 1 Nr. 2 RDG) we can offer you professional and in-depth legal advice on your company pension scheme.

Because we willingly keep you up-to-date on any relevant developments e.g. in tax/labor law or in practical issues concerning the valuation of your schemes. Our service does not end with the delivery of the actuarial reports – subsequent assistance is included.

Because adherence to schedules and on-time delivery is important to us. As part of our cooperation with our clients we like to commit ourselves to mutually binding schedules. It is particularly important for us to react to any ad hoc requests as quickly as possible.

Because we stand for fair fees. Although we always conduct our valuations very exact and accurate, we are not so fussy about our fees. We charge according to jointly agreed work packages. So your expenses can be planned very reliably.

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